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NO-Psychopaths in Geo-Services – NOPGS – advocates against workplace bullying, mobbing, harassment, and destructive management practices.

NOPGS recognizes that especially in times of economic uncertainty in industries, self-interested individuals will undermine their fellow employees for personal gain.  Toxic management destroys the bottom-line along with many capable and hardworking professionals.

NOPGS believes that workplace bullying is violent behavior that should be illegal. Management is about improving the products and services delivered to customers through developing and improving processes and the use of resources – especially human resources!   

NOPGS believes that toxic management is corruption.  Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power.  Tone at the top defines the workplace culture.  Toxic management creates the environment which allows workplace violence.  Workplace bullying, mobbing, and harassment happens when there is a power imbalance between the bully and mob and their generally competent target.  Therefore, upper-management ultimately can permit or stop these unproductive behaviors.  Top management will redirect and misuse company resources, breach company policies, rules, and often labor laws to affect their negative and health-harming behavior.  It is intentional and often illegal.  Workplace bullies/Mobbers will gaslight and conspire to conceal wrong-doing to protect themselves from accountability and liability.  Whistleblowers often become the targets of harassment, mobbing, and bullying precisely because they challenge corruption and those in power who enable it.

Stop workplace violence and demand accountability from top management.  While workplace bullying is said not to be illegal in broad terms, many of the actions which constitute workplace bullying is.

#Blogger – Steven Kalavity

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