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#NOPGS No Psychopaths in Geo-Services advocates against all forms of workplace violence, including top rated workplace hazards such as mobbing, bullying & harassment.   Petroleum Geo-Services Corrupt Toxic Management Abuse their positions to Mob & Bully Targets from Employment illegally.  As a Target of this bullying and mobbing I continue to pursue justice.  I have become aware of how damaging these behaviors are to organizations and especially their targets.

Targets are often outsiders, independent thinkers, and actually above average performers who challenge the bullies insecurities.  I am a US citizen who had worked abroad most of my career.  I became a target after I joined the Marine Contract Sales group in Weybridge, England.  (#PGS headquarters are in Lysaker, Norway.)



Photos:  Rune Olav #Pedersen, CEO of PGS (September 2017), Former EVP General Counsel & Compliance + Jon Erik #Reinhardsen, Former President & CEO of PGS, Current StatOil Board Chairman

While a target of workplace mobbing, my only recourse was to use the PGS grievance process to address the bullying and mobbing. Workplace mobbing is when the organization focuses on a target.   In my case, HR was complicit with the mobbing and obstructed the legally guaranteed process of fair grievance through lies and withholding information.  All of these behaviors are contrary to PGS published policy and even UK Law.  Eventually, I did present a formal grievance.  PGS response was to offer me a settlement contract to deny me my right to a fair grievance process.  I refused the initial settlement contract out of principle.  However, the obstructions and lies continued.

I contacted London Employment Law solicitor, Philip Landau to help me.  Unfortunately, Landau must have been bribed by PGS/PGSUK to allow them to process forged documents supporting their intentionally defamatory narrative.  Landau double-crossed me!

Eventually, I did settle to leave the toxic and dishonest workplace in #Weybridge, England.  I later learned through a Data Protection Act 1998 subject access request that PGS legal, human resources, and marine contract conspired and created false instruments/documents so that they could settle for an illegal performance based termination.  I allege that PGS terminated me illegally through the use of an illegal contract substantiated by false instruments.

 I also allege that PGS rigged the outcome of the settlement through illegal inducements or withholding of pertinent data. PGS Compliance, their legal counsel at Watson, Farley & Williams and even my representative counsel, Philip Landau, currently with Landau Law in London will not even confirm who signed the contract on behalf of PGS.  Why?

PGS management and board remain silent to my many blogs & tweets out of fear of legal accountability.  PGS management & board continue to employ and support workplace violence and fraud through their silence and inaction.  They continue the misrepresentations and process false instruments.  Like most mobbers and bullies, these individual’s fit the mold through their dishonesty and cowardice.


Photos: Per Arild #Reksnes, EVP Operations (Contract) and Simon #Cather, Marine Contract Africa President


Photos: My former boss Edward von #Abendorff, VP Marine Contract Sales and Chief Geophysicist Eivind Fromyr who had written an internal article about the importance of core values.  Andrew Long who had also written an internal article about the importance of core values. 

Where are those values in practice, Eivind?

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