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Know Petroleum Geo-Services – #PGS

Petroleum Graft-Services – PGS

PGS Exploration (UK) Limited,

4 The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY

Contact E-mail: boycottpgs@gmail.com

I have written and published over forty (40) blog post articles trying to regain my identity and professional dignity.  No one representing Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGS), or the UK affiliate, PGS Exploration (UK) Ltd., (PGSUK), has tried to contact me.  But now, I am being attacked by the former PGSUK Head of Legal and Secretary, Carl Richards who is trying to silence me through the Thai legal system.  As PGSUK secretary, he never defended the company, or any of the named persons in my articles, as was his fiduciary duty.  When he did contact me, it was with a private unconfirmed gmail account.  His lawyer also never confirmed legal credentials nor the identity of their client.  Everything is done behind my back and in secret.  After leaving his position with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Richards wants to hurt me and my family even more.  I did nothing wrong.

My rights as a foreign worker in England were trampled on.  When I complained about PGS mismanagement and misconduct, my right to file a grievance was obstructed.  When I finally submitted a grievance, as was my legal right to do, PGSUK did not follow my guaranteed steps, placed the health of me and my family in jeopardy through denying recommended care and placed forged documents into my personnel file to support an illegal termination under false pretenses.  It seems that they bribed lawyers, too,  I would like to present my case in an English court.  But, PGSUK wants to intimidate and hurt me through a wicked ploy to use a Thai court system.  The last thing PGS / PGSUK wants to deal with is a truth that cannot be bought.  I suppose people like Carl Richards, Rune Olav Pedersen, Gottfred Langseth, Christin Steen-Nilsen, and of course their new allies John Francas and Daphne Bjerke will all sleep well knowing that they can pretty much break every commitment of the PGS Code of Conduct and PGS Core Values and keep their overseers happy.   All I ever asked for was proof that PGS / PGSUK played fair by the rules.  It seems an impossible task.


Twitter™ had been a useful tool for a whistleblower, as it was used to broadcast blog articles links with my claims and supporting evidence.  However, social media agents do not know enough to determine if someone is whistleblowing or just being malicious.

A contract non-disparagement clause would allow a legal solution to really stop defamatory material from being published.  However, whistleblowing is not considered defamatory.  This is why I have been able to continue publishing.

A person purporting to be Carl Richards, Head of Legal & Secretary,  PGS Exploration (UK) Limited threatened legal action against me in Thailand.  However, this Carl Richards never provided proof of identity nor did the legal firm validate their identification and credentials and confirm that they were truly representing Richards.

I had taken down the photos, but since the identity and credentials were never confirmed, I have began re-posting them.  I am still off  Twitter™, but have always invited comment from those I write about.  Apparently, Richards is no longer with PGS Exploration (UK) Limited.  Nevertheless, it is important for individuals to understand his work performance and values, which I consider shiftless and corrupt.

Corporations, such as Petroleum Geo-Services, have legal and marketing teams that would be equipped to handle adverse activity affecting the Company and its executives reputations.  However, the abuse of power and fraud that Richards’ has been accused to be  engaged in, along with co-conspirators, is not fully understood or considered by social media workers.  This is evident by the threats of legal action that have no real basis in fact to make a claim of defamation.  Whistleblowing is protected even within the non-disparagement clause.

Corrupt organizations manipulate such workers so that they can avoid legal action where the facts favor whistleblowers.  Social media sympathizers, perhaps intimidated by professional titles, move quickly with regard to copyright infractions that hurt the feelings of alleged criminals.  Richards, PGS Exploration UK Limited, Weybridge, KT13 0NY or Norwegian parent company,  Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, have not taken any legal steps available through contract law and defamation to stop the literal publications.  In fact, they have not even complained about the content directly in any official way.

If you are a member of LinkedIn™ and visit the profiles of PGS key officers, you can ask for me why Richards, and CEO Rune Olav Pedersen (former General Counsel) cannot easily prove that the processes and documents used to support a contract that affected my termination from employment, following submitting a formal grievance citing harassment and bullying, the abuse of position and breach of policy and employment law, were legal and compliant.  You can also rate Richards copyrighted portrait.

Richards is no doubt aware that he oversees the processing of forged documents supporting a fraudulent contract which was illegally used as an instrument to rob me of my human rights as a foreign worker, employment rights under contract, and of course the stolen professional income.  I have asked Richards, along with PGS Legal Compliance, to prove that these allegations are indeed untrue on numerous occasions.  Corrupt PGS/PGSUK agents are cooperating to suppress the truth.  Because high level PGS/PGSUK executives and board have cooperated in the conspiracy to defraud and maintenance of a false narrative, they have absolutely no interest in the truth or maintaining PGS/PGSUK and stakeholders reputations.  Their interests are selfish greed and preservation of their own title, status, and remuneration.  They make a mockery of the concept of corporate responsibility.

I am further requesting that customers and all other oil and gas industry professionals and concerned stakeholders boycott all business dealings with PGS/PGSUK and demand a third-party investigation.  PGS employees and other stakeholders have had their own reputations damaged because the board and executives have not responsibly and legally carried out their fiduciary duties.  Note, Richards did not decry the use of photos of other named employees and the damage to their and stakeholders reputation, trust and confidence.  Richards is worried about his own personal portrait and reputation only, which means he is not really behaving as a fiduciary at all.


  1. PGS Continues to break the law through their processing of knowingly false and defamatory personal data in violation of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR).

  2. PGS created false instruments to support a false narrative and basis to support a fraudulent settlement contract agreement used to illegally terminate a whistleblower.

  3. PGS compromised my legal adviser as well as a third-party legal firm to process the forged documents to affect the settlement contract agreement and execute the confidence fraud game.

  4. PGS also continues to defraud the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that oversees DPA compliance.  The Human Resources (HR) personal data processors  knowingly provided material representations to ICO caseworkers.  These same misrepresentations were provided to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

  5. HR records being processed as my personal data, as evidenced through time-stamped e-mails, are illegal documents (forged instruments) that bare no counter-signature.

  6. The data PGSUK provided to ICO is different than the data provided to UK Border.  PGSUK provides duplicitous personal data to different UK government agencies to protect non-compliant executive behaviors and damage a whistleblower.

  7. Fake defamatory personal data was shared and disseminated by PGSUK in the United States, which is another violation of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  8. PGS prop-up and promote their corrupt and criminal executives and board members and deny a whistleblower justice.  PGS has showcased an executive involved in workplace bullying, harassment, defamation, and fraud as a spokesperson for PGS anti-corruption. 

  9. A corrupt corporate executive class protects corrupt executives from having to take responsibility and even promotes them into boards.  These corrupt actions further harm whistleblowers and targets of gang-bullying and create a positive environment for further corruption.

UK Companies House website, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited – Director, Rune Olav Pedersen

UK Companies House website, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited – Director, Gottfred Langseth

UK Companies House website, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited – Director, Christen Steen Nilsen
UK Companies House website, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited – Former Director, Jon Erik Reinhardsen
UK Companies House website, PGS Exploration (UK) Limited – Former Secretary, Candida Pinto
Image from employment contract stating PGS Exploration (UK) Limited Data Protection Contractual commitment. Nicholson never allowed the inspection of records. Most data currently being processed by PGS Exploration UK Limited within my personnel file is unverified and has no counter-signature. Nicholson is an HR manager and could only know about my work through my supervisor. No documents are signed by my supervisor either.
Forged document resides in personnel file to cover-up illegal termination. This Memo was never received by Kalavity until following the submission of a Data Protection Act 1998 subject access request in October 2014.
Mutual non-disparagement was discussed during contract negotiations. The grievance cited misuse of the performance management system and defamation by three(3) principals implicated. EvA = Eddy von Abendorff; SC = Simon Cather; DN= David Nicholson. None of the records being processed within my personnel file are countersigned by the griever. Most are written by DN, which also brings their truth and accuracy into question.
Stress related health impact from the workplace gang-bullying was a base concern brought-up within the 20-Sep-2013 grievance document and also in agreement negotiations. The final report received from the OHN was never given and the report does not reside within my personnel folder. This would contradict the original employment contract requirement.
This clause from the 5-Dec-2013 signed settlement agreement references the 20-Sep-2013 grievance. The forged Memo does not reference this grievance. PGS did not follow the legally required stages of grievance printed in their Handbook. The Memo is creating a false narrative to support the illegal proffering of a settlement agreement to terminate my employment.
Since my discovery that forged documents resided within my PGS Exploration (UK) Limited personnel file, I have published over 25 articles criticizing PGS/PGSUK management. Many articles have names people, including PGS CEOs. Why would this clause be included if it were not meant to be enforced? I believe that the contract is fraudulent and acting on the clause would illuminate corruption, bribery, and forgery.
No one will confirm who signed the settlement agreement. The 20-Sep-2013 grievance claimed three workplace bullies, David Nicholson, Simon Cather and Eddy von Abendorff created defamatory documents and misused the PGS performance management system to force me out of my job. Nicholson’s defamatory documents still reside in my personnel file. How is it possible that Nicholson could have possibly been allowed to exonerate himself and accountable executives?

#NOPGS No Psychopaths in Geo-Services advocates against all forms of workplace violence, including top rated workplace hazards such as mobbing, bullying & harassment.   Petroleum Geo-Services Corrupt Toxic Management Abuse their positions to Mob & Bully Targets from Employment illegally.  As a Target of this bullying and mobbing I continue to pursue justice.  I have become aware of how damaging these behaviors are to organizations and especially their targets.  Like most mobbers and bullies, these individual’s fit the mold through their dishonesty and cowardice.  I was a foreign worker (USA) employed on a Tier 2 visa by PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, England, KT13 0NY.

Targets of workplace bullying and harassment are often outsiders, independent thinkers, and actually above average performers who challenge the bullies insecurities.  I am a US citizen who had worked abroad most of my career.  I became a target after I joined the Marine Contract Sales group in Weybridge, England.  (#PGS headquarters are in Lysaker, Norway.)

While a target of workplace mobbing, my only recourse was to use the PGS grievance process to address the bullying and mobbing. Workplace mobbing is when the organization focuses on a target.   In my case, HR was complicit with the mobbing and obstructed the legally guaranteed process of fair grievance through lies and withholding information.  All of these behaviors are contrary to PGS published policy and even UK Law.  Eventually, I did present a formal grievance.  PGS response was to offer me a settlement contract to deny me my right to a fair grievance process.  I refused the initial settlement contract out of principle.  However, the obstructions and lies continued.

I should have never been proffered the settlement contract agreement before the processes of grievance were completed.  I contacted London Employment Law solicitor, Philip Landau, with Landau, Zeffertt, and Weir Solicitors (LZW), to help me.

I trusted Landau and gave him the reigns of control over my situation. I now have substantive evidence that Landau must have been bribed by PGS/PGSUK.  Landau  allowed, and even recommended, that the legally authorized process of grievance be circumvented in lieu of a settlement contract to terminate my employment.

I later deduced that Landau had aided in the creation and processing of forged documents supporting corrupt agents of PGS Exploration UK Ltd.’s defamatory narrative.  Landau helped facilitate a wrongful termination to protect corrupt executives.  Landau double-crossed me!  Landau remains silent as to how false documents supporting a false narrative became my personal data which continues to be processed as true and accurate following his being my legal advisor affecting my termination from employment.

Corrupt PGS Exploration UK Limited agents rigged the outcome additionally through using an intermediary lawyer, Rhodri Thomas, of long-time client Watson, Farley, & Williams.  Landau and assistant Holly Rushton engaged in confusing without prejudice dialogue which followed the false narrative.  My personal dialogue with Landau and Rushton which points out discrepancies does not form the without prejudice record and is mostly ignored by Landau.

I discovered these issues with the contents of my personnel file only after I had returned to the USA and filed a subject access request citing the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (UK) and the similar Norwegian Data Protection Act.  I was told that only the UK Data Protection Act 1998 was applicable to me.

Even though I provided substantive evidence to the bodies which oversee DPA compliance that showed that the information being processed was not true nor accurate, because of the binding nature of the settlement agreement contract, nothing could be changed because the process was overseen by lawyers.

This implies a conspiracy where the different lawyers agreed to process knowingly inaccurate data (forged instruments) to support an illegally proffered settlement contract agreement based on a fake claim supported by forged documents.  This subverted the whistleblowing claims made in my grievance and protected the layers of corrupt executives involved in the confidence fraud game.

I have been on a mission for justice and to reinstate the true narrative and correct my personal data.  This has been an uphill battle, because obviously criminals do not want to volunteer themselves to be punished.  White collar criminals are provided even more license because of their high corporate position status.  Not even fellow scientist have come to the aid of a whistleblower.  And this is also a tragedy.


  • 21-Jul-2018