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Current Toxic Workplace News

Links to articles on toxic workplace Behavior, Bullying, Mobbing, Harassment, Whistleblowing, & Retaliation.  Follow on Twitter: @boycottpgs for realtime tweets.

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Please follow on Twitter™ @BoycottPGS – No Psychopaths in Geo-Services More News – real-time tweets

31-Mar-2017      Trump, Flynn once criticized Clinton aides for seeking immunity – ABC News – @ABC

31-Mar-2017      Ryan: Nunes source a ‘whistleblower type’

31-Mar-2017      Leaker or Whistleblower? It Depends on Your Point of View

31-Mar-2017      Wells fargo executive fired whistleblower, lawsuit says via @HuffPostPol

31-Mar-2017      Nunes “source” on surveillance of President Trump’s team was a “whistleblower-type,” Paul Ryan alleges

31-Mar-2017      Charm Offensive: Milli Brown’s Corporate “Curve” Ball via @benzinga

31-Mar-2017      Hacking elections: Trump vs. Bill Clinton: not even close

31-Mar-2017      Darryl Paulson: Why Donald Trump won — A review of the 2016 election

31-Mar-2017      TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar booked for sexual harrassment in Mumbai

31-Mar-2017      War on Graft in Afghanistan A Need Not An Option: UK Envoy | TOLOnews

31-Mar-2017      Maintaining the Peace in Times of H-1B Uncertainty @computerworld

31-Mar-2017      Is a Request for Religious Accommodation “Protected Activity” for a Title VII Retaliation Claim?

31-Mar-2017      Why Taming the Office Bully Isn’t Easy

31-Mar-2017      Canada: Failure To Implement Workplace Harassment And Violence Policies Can Be Costly For Employers

31-Mar-2017      The Dimensions of Workplace Bullying Behavior via @EHSToday


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28-Mar-2017      Chico caught in his own trap, so what’s new? (lying psychopath) (Trump Staging a False Flag)

28-Mar-2017      Bullying expert advocates for bystander training in Calgary Police Service via @metrotoronto

28-Mar-2017      Culture is king

28-Mar-2017      What is Workplace Bullying?

28-Mar-2017      AIBU about workplace bullying? (2 Posts)

28-Mar-2017      Resignation Letter Due To Bully Boss



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25-Mar-2017      Psychopaths Keep Their Eyes on the Prize

25-Mar-2017      Why Excessive Risk-Takers Are Borderline Psychopaths And Make Horrible Traders via @clusterstock

25-Mar-2017      Reading about this: Symptoms of narcissism. Malignant narcissist. –

25-Mar-2017      Experience the thrills of whistleblowing journalism in The Occupation

25-Mar-2017      Can I Recover From Workplace Bullying?

25-Mar-2017      SURVEY Bullying in the Workplace

25-Mar-2017      Hardball political operative Roger Stone finds himself on the receiving end

25-Mar-2017      Senate Whistleblower Caucus Backs Reappointment of Special Counsel via @govexec

25-Mar-2017      Re-Thinking Enterprise Fraud Defence

25-Mar-2017      Whistle-blowing: Nigerian government receives 2,351 tips

25-Mar-2017      Anti-Putin Exile Gunned Down in the Streets of Ukraine via @thedailybeast

25-Mar-2017      Perspective | Energy Department whistleblower finally gets justice, despite agency neglect

25-Mar-2017      Fraud Schemes – 6 Main Types Of Occupational Fraud #liberalism #politicalcartoons #politico

25-Mar-2017      Enduring Narcissism, Addictions, And Abuse In Silence To Steer Clear Of Appearin

25-Mar-2017      Question on @Quora: Why does a narcissistic play the victim by telling lies about his/her spouse who treated him/he…

25-Mar-2017      WorkSafeBC investigation says some Vancouver School Board trustees bullied staff /via @globeandmail

25-Mar-2017      Does Advice for Managing Workplace Bullying Really Work?

25-Mar-2017      Office bullies: Counter their sting with strategy | Boksburg Advertiser

25-Mar-2017      Fired UBS Advisor Claims Retaliation for Whistleblowing

25-Mar-2017      Analysis | There are still enough House Republicans opposed to the health-care bill to kill it


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23-Mar-2017      Kasco to Pay $110,000 to Settle EEOC Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit | U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – JDSupra

23-Mar-2017      Direct Evidence of Racist Remarks Dooms Employer Motion for Summary Judgment

23-Mar-2017      Signs You Work in a Toxic Environment by @annettefranz via @B2Community

23-Mar-2017      Corruption Prevention Week begins Sunday

23-Mar-2017      Workplace bullying: HR to the rescue?

23-Mar-2017      How To Manage A Disciplinary Hearing via @minutehack

23-Mar-2017      Judicial Watch Sues for Clinton Damage Assessment Report


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22-Mar-2017      Brooklyn Supreme Court Recognizes Private Right of Action for Not-for-Profit Employees under New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act Whistleblower Policy Requirement

22-Mar-2017      Bullying: Not Just a Schoolyard Problem

22-Mar-2017      Caribbean agency to track crime proceeds | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper via @guardiantt

22-Mar-2017      Clinton World isn’t ready to move past FBI Director Comey, even as he turns to Trump via @HuffPostPol

22-Mar-2017      President Trump’s tweets explained by James Comey

22-Mar-2017      Letter: Lying psychopath can’t rule for four years | The Berkshire Eagle |

22-Mar-2017      Ryerson nursing students aren’t prepared for work violence via @theeyeopener

22-Mar-2017      wikiHow to Deal with Narcissists in the Workplace

22-Mar-2017      Ottawa police to roll out PTSD prevention plan

22-Mar-2017      FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at Breitbart, InfoWars news sites

22-Mar-2017      Emotional distress damages available for retaliation claims under FLSA via @PittsburghPG

22-Mar-2017      Whistleblowers Win Again: Your Confidentiality Agreements May Not Keep Your Information Safe

22-Mar-2017      Comey says FBI began investigation into Russia meddling in July


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20-Mar-2017      Enduring Narcissism Addictions And Abuse In Silence To Keep away from Appearing Ungrateful

20-Mar-2017      Cyber criminals have their own March Madness via @vcstar

20-Mar-2017      XPO Reaches NLRB Agreement Over Trucking Workplace Retaliation Claims

20-Mar-2017      Preparing for active shooters becomes necessary for workplaces

20-Mar-2017      Brazile: Sending Emails to Clinton Camp ‘Mistake I Will Forever Regret’

20-Mar-2017      How to tackle workplace cyberbullying via @sundaybusiness

20-Mar-2017      Garda whistleblowers to get free legal advice via @sundaybusiness


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18-Mar-2017       Organisational justice protects against the negative effect of workplace violence on teachers’ sleep

18-Mar-2017        Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service

18-Mar-2017        How can I ever work again after the trauma of whistleblowing?

18-Mar-2017                      Lying to Self – It’s Narcissist Friday!

18-Mar-2017        Whistleblowing is back in the news via @spartannewsroom

18-Mar-2017       What Are Some Risks Of Being A Whistleblower? | KJZZ

18-Mar-2017        NJ Politics Digest: Judges Hand Port Authority Win Over Whistleblower

18-Mar-2017        Identity Fraud In UK Reached All-Time High In 2016 via @barion

18-Mar-2017                      Russian agents, hackers charged in massive Yahoo breach

18-Mar-2017        Are We Too Chill About This ‘Psychopaths at Work’ Thing? via @thecut


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17-Mar-2017    Crim Department Hosts Conference to Break Silence on PTSD via @Runnermag

17-Mar-2017       WILL DONALD TRUMP REVEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT 9/11? [PART 2] – #SeekingTheTruth

17-Mar-2017        Clinton private email probe hindered by State Department, Chaffetz says |

17-Mar-2017        Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Intelligence Pushing Pence Takeover Of Presidency

17-Mar-2017                      Toxic Talent: Why High-Performing Jerks Aren’t Worth the Trouble

17-Mar-2017        The behaviour of bullies


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16-Mar-2017        Why ‘complete ERM’ is a myth – Journal of Accountancy

16-Mar-2017        Mike Pence: Assange’s tweets about plan to undermine Trump ‘absurd and frankly offensive’ via @DCExaminer

16-Mar-2017    It’s Been A Couple Of Weeks Since That Huge Scandal With Mike Pence’s Email via @dailycaller

16-Mar-2017       Is the Vault 7 Source a Whistleblower? –

16-Mar-2017        Workplace profanity is no different than bullying behavior

16-Mar-2017                      Wikileaks: Russia Could Now Spy On Anyone Who Reads Wikileaks Site, Report Says

16-Mar-2017        Thai man gets jail, cane for loan-shark harrassment #readOnTNP via @thenewpaper

16-Mar-2017    It’s back! Bill Clinton’s secret powwow with Lynch via @worldnetdaily

16-Mar-2017       No one reason for RQHR high workplace violence numbers, says CEO

16-Mar-2017        Lawsuit claims Moody’s fired executive for bias claims, whistleblowing via @Reuters


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15-Mar-2017        Workplace Bullying

15-Mar-2017    Effectively managing bullying in the workplace

15-Mar-2017                      Customs Fraud Is Costing The Taxpayers Billions – Here’s How It Works via @nigeriatodayng

15-Mar-2017        Worker Safety Rules Are Among Those Under Fire in Trump Era

15-Mar-2017    Former Boyle EMS worker sues for sexual harassment, discrimination  | The Advocate-Messenger

15-Mar-2017       Convicted CIA Leaker John Kiriakou’s Got Some Opinions About WikiLeaks and Trump via @WIRED

15-Mar-2017        Whistleblower Failed Burden of Proof In Challenge to Her Removal : FedSmith.com

15-Mar-2017        A Listen Up Culture Is The Key To Improving Standards, Says CISI In Response To Banking Standards Board Annua l

15-Mar-2017                      WikiLeaks: Clinton plots coup d’etat?

15-Mar-2017        Trump Administration Moves to End Clinton Email Legal Cases via @Newsmax

15-Mar-2017    Whistleblower Failed Burden of Proof In Challenge to Her Removal : FedSmith.com


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13-Mar-2017    WikiLeaks has not yet handed over CIA hacking tools to Google and Microsoft – Report via @IBTimesUK

13-Mar-2017        31 workers convicted over killing at Indian car plant via @Pakistan Observer

13-Mar-2017        Hillary’s Missing Emails: A Taste Plus Benghazi [Opinion]

13-Mar-2017    Putin’s spokesman says Russian ambassador met with Trump allies via @MailOnline

13-Mar-2017                      New poll: Most distressing workplace factor of bullying experience

13-Mar-2017        Whistleblower: HSE has questions to answer before PAC via @rte

13-Mar-2017    Civic groups blast Nigeria’s foreign ministry for sack of whistle-blower – Premium Times Nigeria

13-Mar-2017        The missing link in the fight against corruption

13-Mar-2017        Retired Bath policeman whistle-blows on cuts and how more crimes will ‘slip through net’ in city | Bath Chronicle 13-Mar-2017

13-Mar-2017                      Michael Flynn Apparently Paid Retired-FBI Agent Embroiled in Clinton Email Scandal via @law_newz

13-Mar-2017        Flynn Paid Ex-FBI Agent in Clinton Email Scandal for Lobbying Work via @thedailybeast

13-Mar-2017    Chicago State to pay balance on $4.3 million to whistleblower

13-Mar-2017        County women sue, alleging they were fired after reporting billing fraud via @bangordailynews

13-Mar-2017        UP polls: People have voted for good work not corruption, says BJP

13-Mar-2017    Rogue Twitter accounts fight to preserve the voice of government science by @AlleenBrown

13-Mar-2017                      The Risk of Workplace Violence Can Be Reduced, But How?11-Mar-2016

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11-Mar-2017        How to identify and manage toxic employees #AHRIHRM

11-Mar-2017    Farrakhan Draws 4,000 for 9/11 Truth

11-Mar-2017        How to survive a sociopath boss |

11-Mar-2017        Millions of men and women of all ages, ethnic, and racial backgrounds all across the world hate going to work, gradually fall into despair and often become gravely ill.

11-Mar-2017    WikiLeaks published the biggest set of CIA secrets ever. Here’s what Trump thinks

11-Mar-2017        UK corporate liability regime ‘not fit for purpose in the 21st century’, say campaigners @SJ_weekly

11-Mar-2017        5 Steps To Take Now If You’re In A Toxic Workplace via @forbes

11-Mar-2017    Pathological Lying: Narcissistic Personality Disorder Traits

11-Mar-2017        Fraud in Nonprofits: Tips to Spot & Prevent It via @HuffPostBlog

11-Mar-2017        The Customer Is (Not) Always Right: An Employer’s Duty to Protect | Lewitt Hackman – JDSupra

11-Mar-2017    What Vancouver School Board ‘Bullying’ Report Really Says about BC Education  via @TheTyee

11-Mar-2017        5 Steps To Take Now If You’re In A Toxic Workplace via @forbes


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09-Mar-2017        How to kill the office narcissist with kindness

09-Mar-2017                      Are You a Victim of Workplace Bullying?

09-Mar-2017        Is workplace bullying on the rise?

09-Mar-2017    Employee violence and civil litigation  via @shponline

09-Mar-2017        NSA whistleblower: Americans routinely spied upon w/o FISA

09-Mar-2017        10 Unbelievable Behaviors Of The Narcissist

09-Mar-2017    EEOC Sues Company That Didn’t Hire Veteran Over Use Of Service Dog | Nexsen Pruet, PLLC – JDSupra

09-Mar-2017        5 Signs You’re In A Toxic Workplace via @forbes

09-Mar-2017        How to survive a sociopath boss via @nypost

09-Mar-2017    Women migrant workers in sorry state abroad

09-Mar-2017        From Animosity to Murder: the Spectrum of Workplace Violence against Physicians

09-Mar-2017        Marine nude photos a leadership disaster: Tailhook whistle-blower via @usatoday

09-Mar-2017        Fraud detection system with 93% failure rate gets IT companies sued via @theregister


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05-Mar-2017        Toxic workplace good reason to fire school board  via @CdnPoli_

05-Mar-2017        Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones

05-Mar-2017        The definitive guide to Trump’s Russia ties via @POLITICOEurope

05-Mar-2017        Report says Vancouver School Board was “toxic” workplace

05-Mar-2017        Explore John Byrne, Bullying Google and more!

05-Mar-2017                      Preventing Violence in The Workplace Training

05-Mar-2017        Exposing Bad Practice in Financial Services – Are New Whistleblowing Regulations Working towards Encouraging a Culture of “Speaking up”? | NAVEX Global – JDSupra

05-Mar-2017    Narcissists In The Workplace

05-Mar-2017        Photo of Hillary Clinton reading Mike Pence email headline goes viral via @smh

05-Mar-2017        Mishandling money not new in Hoke County

05-Mar-217    Pizza tossing brothers spin their way to internet fame – NEWS 1130 via @NEWS1130

05-Mar-2017        Trump confidant Roger Stone calls FBI Russia investigation a “witch hunt”

05-Mar-2017        The New DNC Chair Had a Hillary Clinton-Esque Email Scandal

05-Mar-2017                      Vancouver school trustees created toxic workplace for bullied staff: report – BC Post

05-Mar-2017        Race Discrimination Suit | U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – JDSupra

05-Mar-207        CP sues for ‘Whistle blowing’ in crime bursting via @NigerianObserve


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04-Mar-2017        Guest column: Recognizing the 3 components of business fraud via @DBJnews

04-Mar-2017        Beyond the Schoolyard: Workplace Bullying

04-Mar-2017        Holding Employers Accountable for Harassment in the Workplace

04-Mar-2017    Researcher who lost whistleblower lawsuit logs 4 more retractions

04-Mar-2017        Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton Email Case Is Still Alive and Well in Federal Court –  via @ein_news

04-Mar-2017    Independent report finds evidence of bullying and harassment at VSB

04-Mar-2017        It’s Not Just Uber – via @Shareaholic

04-Mar-2017        RETALIATION

04-Mar-2017         A lesson from the Uber scandals: A toxic workplace is now a greater liability for companies

04-Mar-2017        HCA 250 VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE

04-Mar-2017        Whistleblowing Attorney Can Use Privileged Information as Evidence in Retaliation Case, Court Rules

04-Mar-2017                      Commission calls for input on whistleblower protection @EURACTIV


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03-Mar-2017        Bounty hunter fear as whistleblower laws mooted via @FinancialReview

03-Mar-2017        Solano gets 10 years in Prison

03-Mar-2017    Trump Should Expand Auditing to Protect Medicare

03-Mar-2017        Tavant to Speak on Warranty Analytics and Fraud Detection at Warranty  | news.sys-con.com

03-Mar-2017        Why do narcissists believe their own lies and shift blame to the victim? by Myra Scott

03-Mar-2017        NHS staff ‘can be too scared to be whistle-blowers’

03-Mar-2017    Burton dentist who blew the whistle on a hospital trust wins case for unfair dismissal | Burton Mail

03-Mar-2017    Employee’s Failure to Immediately Report Incident Defeats Retaliation Claim

03-Mar-2017        Penn State retiree files federal retaliation suit over sexual harassment

03-Mar-2017        KCPD Chief: Revisiting bullying in the workplace


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02-Mar-2017        Fear of Immigration Raids May Harm Workplace Rights

02-Mar-2017        Toxic Workplaces Will Persist As Long As Fairness Is Just A Matter Of ‘Compliance’

02-Mar-2017    3 little words from CEO aid worker’s harassment lawsuit | HR Morning

02-Mar-2017    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick ‘ashamed’ after video shows him yelling at driver via @mercnews

02-Mar-2017        Harassment, lack of trust are issues in Fire and Rescue Department via @fairfaxtimes

02-Mar-2017        The media’s descent into partisan madness

02-Mar-2017        Accused racing fraud can’t afford lawyer

02-Mar-2017    Clinton email tactics hit Queensland

02-Mar-2017      How to Escape a Toxic Workplace

02-Mar-2017        Ex-Clinton volunteer slammed, loses job, after swipe at widow of fallen SEAL |

02-Mar-2017        When the whistle blows – @UofSC | University of South Carolina


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01-Mar-2017       Public servants share stories of workplace harassment

01-Mar-2017       Psychopaths In The Workplace: Is Your Deskmate Antisocial Or A Model Employee?

01-Mar-2017        In academic leadership, resume and character are separate entities

01-Mar-2017        Washington Post: Allegations of sexual harassment at Kay Jewelers, Jared Akron headquarters

01-Mar-2017        Uber executive resigns over sexual harassment allegations

01-Mar-2017        6 Ways To Avoid Uber’s Mistakes And Save Your Talent Pipeline via @forbes


01-Mar-2017        Tesla engineer sues over sexist workplace culture (updated)

01-Mar-2017        Former 30-year employee sues Penn State claiming sexual harassment, retaliation

01-Mar-2017        Canadian firms over-confident about detecting fraud, says consulting firm

01-Mar-2017        Canadians Becoming More Vigilant in Recognizing, Rejecting and Reporting Fraud and Identity Theft

01-Mar-2017        Two firefighters arrested in fraud case


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28-Feb-2017        Lessons from the SEC’s Whistleblower Anti-Retaliation Cases | K&L Gates LLP – JDSupra

28-Feb-2017        Hillary Clinton Demands FBI Release Any Information It Has On New Email Investigation:

28-Feb-2017        ‘No evidence’ yet of Trump campaign contacts with Russia – House Intel Committee Chair

28-Feb-2017        Congress should ensure background screens truly protect the public

28-Feb-2017        Uber image battered by company culture skids

28-Feb-2017        AI is the New Black – via @techreview

28-Feb-2017        Family violence leave under a cloud via @BgoAddy

28-Feb-2017        Guardian Analytics® To Feature Real-Time Payment Fraud Detection Solutions At WACHA’s 2017 Electr via @YahooFinance


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09-Fe-2017         Steffi Shilton stands up for whistleblowers everywhere

09-Feb-2017       How To Survive Workplace Bullies via @govloop

09-Feb-2017       This Workplace Behavior is Worse Than Outright Bullying -Psychology Matters Asia via @PsychMatAsia

09-Feb-2017       Letter to the editor: End doesn’t justify the means via @tulsaworld

09-Feb-2017       Steffi Shilton stands up for whistleblowers everywhere

09-Feb-2017       OPSB applauds provincial PTSD efforts | Orillia Packet and Times

09-Feb-2017       Toxic work culture: What are the signs, causes and how do you fix it? via @brisbanetimes

09-Feb-2017       Billions lost every year due to fraud via @IOL

09-Feb-2017       Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move Feb. 8, 2017

09-Feb-2017       On Sunrise: Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Program


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08-Feb-2017       Flint whistleblowing officer wins appeal at Supreme Court – @washtimes

08-Feb-2017       Retaliation Charges Again Top Agency List of Workplace Discrimination Claims (CA Chamber of Commerce) – WorldNews

08-Feb-2017       911 truth Switzerland : NIST whistleblower speaks out, the 9/11 official investigation was a cover-up

08-Feb-2017       Julian Assange says Obama was a ‘wolf in sheepskin’ but Trump is a ‘wolf in wolf’s skin’ via @zimbabwedaily

08-Feb-2017       Article names “whistleblower” who told Congress that NOAA manipulated data

08-Feb-2017       Workplace Disability Discrimination Claims Set New Record

08-Feb-2017       Of Corruption, Senate And President’s Men via @:::…The Tide News Online:::…

08-Feb-2017       AfDB To Dismantle Corruption with Its Africa Integrity Fund

08-Feb-2017       “You’re A Lying Narcissist Myers Briggs” by Jonah Garland

08-Feb-2017       President Trump gives the hard left a chance at power – NashuaTelegraph.com

08-Feb-2017       How to work with a narcissist when you have no choice via @psnewsonline


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04-Feb-2017       Doctor sues Sharp Grossmont alleging retaliation for safety complaints

04-Feb-2017       The EXTREMELY Painful Aftermath Of Loving A Psychopath via @yourtango

04-Feb-2017       Fraud Schemes – 6 Main Types Of Occupational Fraud

04-Feb-2017       – Workplace Bullying, A Form Of Violence Pursued Under Title VII

04-Feb-2017       Workplace bullying and subsequent health problems

04-Feb-2017       Calgary mayor apologizes to female police officer who resigned: ‘we will support you’

04-Feb-2017       UN Whistleblower: UN Gave Names of Dissidents to Communist China

04-Feb-2017       Deportation of Indian students after agent fraud ‘a disgrace’ – Winston Peters via @1NewsNZ

04-Feb-2017       Ten Tips for Fighting Gender Bias in the Workplace


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03-Feb-2017       SDRC Slams Claims of Workplace Bullying

03-Feb-2017       Damages in sexual harassment and bullying claims – the stakes are rising

03-Feb-2017       REVEALED: WikiLeaks claims to have MORE THAN 1,100 documents on France’s Marine Le Pen

03-Feb-2017       Sweet Revenge? US Officials Retaliate Against 2,000 Whistleblowers Per Year: via @SputnikInt

03-Feb-2017       Enron whistleblower gives BYU students a blueprint for surviving corporate misconduct

03-Feb-2017       Gaslighting. What is it, is it happening to you and are you doing it?


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01-Feb-2017       Legal Advice About Bullying At Work

01-Feb-2017       Workplace Violence

01-Feb-2017       The strategy you should use when faced with angry bullies at work

01-Feb-2017       Virtual Reality expanding in phobia and PTSD therapy, education, gaming via @@ABC10

01-Feb-2017       CSEA Calls On Mount Vernon Mayor To Reinstate Workers & Halt Retaliation | Black Westchester Magazine

01-Feb-2017       Executive and Judiciary Showdown over the Whistleblower Protection Act | NAVEX Global – JDSupra

01-Feb-2017       SEC: Get Out of Whistleblowers’ Way

01-Feb-2017       Today’s Whistleblower Realities: Learning to Expect and Effectively Respond to `the Unexpected’

01-Feb-2017       Obama kicked out more migrants than ANY US president – critics slam anti-Trump protestors

01-Feb-2017       Ed Asner Breaks The Set On 911 Truth The Hollywood Left And Syria Intervention

01-Feb-2017       The number of legislative sponsors backing anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts so far


01-Feb-2017       More News Coming …..

01-Feb-2017       President Obama Denies All Pending Permits for Seismic Airgun Blasting in Atlantic Ocean

01-Feb-2017       New York Gives Go Ahead To Build Largest Offshore Wind Farm In The US

01-Feb-2017       Met Office offers risk management tool for offshore projects

01-Feb-2017       Trump, Tillerson Are Mixed Blessing For Australia’s Energy Sector

01-Feb-2017       Shell selling some North Sea assets, Thailand field from PennWell

01-Feb-2017       Dynamic Positioning Systems Market: Global Analysis, Future Trends | Forecast 2022

01-Feb-2017       CGG (NYSE:CGG) Reviewed By Analysts

01-Feb-2017       Bolloré on the double in Africa – heavyliftpfi.com


31-Jan-2017       More News Coming …..

31-Jan-2017        Creating an Effective Security Environment to Prevent Workplace Violence via @wordpressdotcom

31-Jan-2017        US: Don’t Cancel Oil Transparency Rule

31-Jan-2017        Today’s Whistleblower Realities: Learning to Expect and Effectively Respond to `the Unexpected’ via @bloombergbna

31-Jan-2017        Head off harmful office gossip

31-Jan-2017        The Department of Labor’s Wells Fargo whistleblower site has disappeared

31-Jan-2017        Russian whistleblower Stepanova returns to Athletics competition via @AlArabiya_Eng

31-Jan-2017        Democratic lawmaker says no terrorist attack since 9/11 from Trump’s  via @PolitiFact

31-Jan-2017        Only 9/11 truth can “make America great again” – here’s why

31-Jan-2017        Trump administration removes site for Wells Fargo whistleblowers

31-Jan-2017        Whistleblower doubts Russian attitude changed via @Reuters

31-Jan-2017        First responders trained how to deal with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

31-Jan-2017        Enduring Narcissism Addictions And Abuse In Silence To Stay away from Appearing Ungrateful

31-Jan-2017        Lawmakers say new agency communications policies violate whistleblower laws via @fednewsradio

31-Jan-2017        Did the White House Kill the Wells Fargo Whistle-Blower Site?

31-Jan-2017        WikiLeaks Blast Against Donald Trump Once Again: Could This Be The Beginning Of A Bitter Relationship?

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