PGS Exploration UK Limited ActionFraud Report

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PGS Exploration UK Limited ActionFraud Report

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Involved Individual’s

PGSUK – PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, 4 The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, KT13 0NY (Company Number 02904391)

PGS Exploration (UK) Limited is an affiliate of Norwegian based Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGS).

Individuals involved in my fraud were employed by both PGSUK and PGS.

PGS Exploration (UK) Limited Directors

(Secretary) Carl Richards, PGSUK Head of Legal (13-September-2013 to present)

(Secretary) Candida Pinto, PGSUK Lawyer, (resigned 13-September-2013)

Jon Erik Reinhardsen, PGS, President and CEO (resigned 31-August-2017)

Rune Olav Pedersen, PGS President and CEO (1-September-2017 to present)

Gottfred Langseth, PGS, EVP, CFO

Christin Steen Nilsen, PGS VP, Chief Accountant

PGS Compliance

Terje Bjølseth, PGS, SVP Human Resources

Rune Olav Pedersen, PGS, Corporate Legal – Compliance

Bullies/ Harassers’ identified in 20-September-2013 Grievance

Edward von Abendorff, PGSUK, VP Marine Contract Sales – Africa

Simon Cather, PGSUK, PGSUK, President Marine Contract – Africa

David Nicholson, PGSUK, Human Resource Manager – EAME

Recipients of 20-September-2013 Grievance

(11-September-2013 referenced meeting was cancelled and postponed)

Edward von Abendorff, PGSUK, VP Marine Contract Sales – Africa

Simon Cather, PGSUK, PGSUK, President Marine Contract – Africa

David Nicholson, PGSUK, Human Resource Manager – EAME

John Barnard, PGSUK, Marine Contract Sales Supervisor – Africa

Per Arild Reksnes, PGS, EVP Marine Contract

Terje Bjølseth, PGS, SVP Human Resources

John Greenway, PGS, SVP Marine Contract


Solicitors Directly Involved in Settlement Negotiations

Philip Landau, Landau, Zeffertt, and Weir (LZW)

Holly Rushton, Landau, Zeffertt, and Weir (LZW)

Rodri Thomas, Watson, Farley and Williams (WFW)

PGSUK Human Resources

David Nicholson, PGSUK, Human Resource Manager – EAME

Laura Haswell, PGSUK

Anna Stokle, PGSUK]

Gareth Jones, PGSUK



Carl Richards, PGSUK Head of Legal

Ben Kelly, PGSUK, Legal Associate


An initial ActionFraud (AF) report, NFRC15080115XXXX was submitted 24 August 2015.  I have continued to carry out my own personal inquiry and investigation in pursuit of the truth and justice.

I am a USA citizen who was employed with PGSUK in the UK on a Tier 2 company sponsored shortage occupation list visa from October 2010 to 31 December 2013.  The Tier 2 visa was valid for 3 years and had recently been renewed for another three-years under the conditions that I was needed to carry out company work.  The fact that I was not a UK citizen probably provided my employer with a sense of confidence that their actions would not be detected, as I would be out of the country (UK).

AF had seen my report as an already resolved employment claim.  Indeed, the fraud which I had reported does involve my former employer and the processes by which my employment terminated, which was through a settlement contract agreement.  It is the processes and instruments used to affect my termination which were fraudulent.

I became aware that something very wrong had transpired in October 2014.  When I was back in the USA, I submitted a subject access request (SAR) citing the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).  What immediately caught my attention were the documents being processed in my personnel file.  These records were false/forged instruments relating a false narrative noting meetings which never happened and letters never written.  None of these records bore my signature.  My formal grievance document, what I believed was the basis for the settlement contract offer, was not in my personnel records.  My personnel file seemed to have been constructed to support a performance based termination.

Also noteworthy is that specifics of my settlement and the (false) information held within my personnel file had been shared by a UK national employed by the USA affiliate of the Norwegian company.  I regarded this as prohibited by the DPA.  The UK data controller contends that the individual is an agent of the UK employer.   However, I have never received proof of this and doubt it.  I have worked around the world and the conditions of working in foreign countries is to be employed by a company within that country on visa, as I had done with my Tier 2 visa.  Sharing my personal data from the UK with the USA agent would have been DPA violation.  (In any regard, that data shared was false.)

I complained vigorously to the data controller/processor (my former employer, PGSUK).  I also complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), who oversees compliance with DPA.  However, ICO does not authenticate personal data and seem to rely on the good faith representation of data controllers.  I am confident that PGSUK provided misrepresentations to ICO through advancing these knowingly false instruments.  (I have retained the multiple e-mail communications with ICO and my employer.)  The last substantive communications which I had with my former employer was a letter received threatening legal action if I continued to question the data being processed under my name.  These were the concerns which were brought-up in prior reporting were that false instruments which supported a false narrative resided within my personnel file.

In October 2014 up until I filed my initial AF report, my belief then was that my former employer, PGSUK, had been caught processing false data to retaliate against me.  However, as time went on, it became clear that the problem – or fraud – was in the settlement contract process itself.  I now believe that there was a coordinated and organized conspiracy between agents of PGS/PGSUK, WFW, and LZW Solicitors to engage in fraud against me.  The dates imply that these false/forged records were actually processed in forming the settlement contract.  Also, LZW Solicitors should have verified the contents in my personnel file, especially considering my grievance document accused PGSUK agents of defamation.  This also meant that many other agents were involved in the deceitful conspiracy.  The central fact is that I know without a doubt the documents being processed by PGSUK are knowingly false and defamatory.  Further, my legal agent was provided with information that would have, at the very least, required clarification.  This is what I need to be investigated.

I have been very distressed by what agents of my former employer, their counsel and especially the solicitors that I enaged have done and seem to be able to continue doing.  There has been no attempt in trying to clarify the issues which I have brought-up.  The false instruments and false narrative being preserved as my personal data and the suppression of the truth consumes me.  To cope, I began an online writing campaign and published my story.  To date, in addition to filing and supplementing the initial fraud report, I have published over twenty (20) online blog articles.  (Some of these I have mailed to AF or provided links for in my correspondence.  I have also provided articles and/or links to PGS Compliance for comment.)  In some respects, sharing my narrative and truth has been both empowering and therapeutic for me.  I initially published on LinkedIn™, but now these blog articles reside on my anti-bullying website, .  I have also sent hundreds of Twitter™ feeds making allegations,  accusations and requesting answers.  Most all of these articles would have been a breach of a valid contract and I would have risked legal action.  I am convinced that the contract and the records which support it are fraudulent.  This is why no one from PGS, PGSUK, WFW or LZW speaks out.  This was all a confidence fraud where a more serious claim was buried and replaced by a false claim.

Most all of the articles published on this website tell a part of my story about PGSUK/PGS, WFW, and LZW.  However, one article in particular presents the case with evidence:

The Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) Ambush Meeting and the Definition of Fraud

I possess email records that discredit the authenticity of my PGSUK personnel file contents, which are mostly unverified and unsigned-by-me fabrications which were processed without my knowledge to form my performance based termination settlement contract.  I would be able to provide these documents to forward an investigation.  I might add that since I have been so public with my allegations, an official investigation would be in the greater public interest, especially with regard to the oil and gas industry.  Further, one of the great problems for targets of workplace harassment and bullying is the power imbalance which make fair resolution virtually impossible.  There must be a clear message that it is not okay to fabricate investigations and terminate complainers and whistle blowers who speak out about this significant health and safety hazard which plagues all industries.