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Current Toxic Workplace News

Links to articles on toxic workplace Behavior, Bullying, Mobbing, Harassment, Whistleblowing, & Retaliation.  Follow on Twitter: @boycottpgs for realtime tweets.

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23-Jun-2017        Trump turns an Iowa rally into a venting session

23-Jun-2017        Wall Street’s Attack on Internal Whistleblowers Rebutted

23-Jun-2017        Workplace Violence Occurring At Alarming Rate: Time For Employers To Be Proactive

23-Jun-2017        WorkplaceNL says its finances healthy

23-Jun-2017        Want to protect your business in Miramar? Police are ready to show you how.

23-Jun-2017        Orlando-area gun range offering free firearms safety course

23-Jun-2017        California attorney can be liable for retaliating on behalf of client – 9th Circuit via @Reuters

23-Jun-2017       Understanding Your Legal Options If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed

23-Jun-2017        Uber co-founder Garrett Camp says recent events have left him upset and ‘deeply via @techcrunch

23-Jun-2017        The whole world is a stage for the Narcissist to act out their every story an… via @ANAAfterNarcAbuseLight_Life_Love

23-Jun-2017        Sexual assault trial of ex-Mountie hears accuser advised not to report him – NEWS 1130 via @NEWS1130

23-Jun-2017        Did Trump aid and abet the leaking by Russia of Clinton campaign emails?

23-Jun-2017       http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/21/politics/trump-russia-hacking-statements/index.html

23-Jun-2017        The election long in the rear-view mirror, people still don’t like Hillary Clinton

23-Jun-2017        Comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon is unfair — to Nixon via @usatoday

23-Jun-2017        Macron Makes Appointments After Losing Four Ministers in Corruption Scandals

23-Jun-2017        A Whistleblower Imprisoned, Not Silenced

23-Jun-2017        MSU trustee: ‘I deeply regret’ naming whistleblower in sex assault case via @LSJnews

23-Jun-2017        Leumi Card to Use Feedzai’s Artificial Intelligence Platform to Fight Fraud | Business Wire

23-Jun-2017        R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Your Workplace

23-Jun-2017        Five Big Reforms for Trump Labor Nominees

23-Jun-2017        Consent Judgment Compensates 3 CT Health Center Employees Fired After Concerns Were Raised About Tuberculosis Exposure

23-Jun-2017        Don’t Give Your Money To Psychopaths, Says Science

23-Jun-2017        ‘Prayers’: Woman Hands Bible to Philadelphia District Attorney Facing Federal Corruption Charges via @nbcphiladelphia

23-Jun-2017        Macron Adds New Faces to Cabinet After Losing 4 Ministers | World News | US News

23-Jun-2017       Murfreesboro mayor: City Manager Lyons still on the job via @dnj_com

23-Jun-2017        @inquirerdotnet Ex-speech therapist convicted of insurance fraud in Tennessee

23-Jun-2017        Federal panel sides with Washington Co. worker’s disability-bias claim via @HeraldMailNews

23-Jun-2017        Saanich firefighters embrace reality of PTSD

23-Jun-2017        Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth – Richard Gage, AIA • The Scott Helmer Show – 06.18.17

23-Jun-2017       #Vault7 | #Wikileaks| President Trump & Gov. Chris Christie Host Listening Session on Drug Abuse and Opioid Epidemic – MSME

23-Jun-2017        A whistleblower imprisoned, not silenced via @stltoday

23-Jun-2017        The CEO, broker, musketeer and whistleblower: meet the Barclays four via @FinancialNews

23-Jun-2017        Veterans Affairs Perverts Trump VA Accountability, Retaliates Against Whistleblower via @benjaminkrause


23-Jun-2017        http://www.businessinsurance.com/article/20170620/NEWS06/912314005/Awareness-of-workplace-bullying-epidemic-grows  @BusInsMagazine

23-Jun-2017        Whistleblower suit: Ousted Louisville Metro Police major demoted as retaliation via @courierjournal

23-Jun-2017        Former whistleblower urges nurses to share their stories of raising care concerns | RCNi

23-Jun-2017       Former LMPD major files whistleblower lawsuit against department

23-Jun-2017        Vancouver school district introduces new rules to protect staff from bullying by elected trustees via @georgiastraight

23-Jun-2017        As I See It: James Comey – Blaming the victim?

23-Jun-2017        Whistleblower sparks double inquiry at TUI

23-Jun-2017        No room for toxicity — NationNews Barbados — Local, Regional and International News nationnews.com

23-Jun-2017       Don urges youths to embrace whistleblowing against illegal weapons

23-Jun-2017        Whistleblower wins more than $1M in lawsuit over demotion via @nypmetro

18-Jun-2017        iTWire – Vault 7: details of tools for hacking routers dumped via @BowThemes

18-Jun-2017        Workplace violence strikes S.F. UPS

18-Jun-2017        Workplace violence: How can you prevent it and save lives? via @topix

18-Jun-2017        Thoughts on Trust and Occupational Fraud in the Workplace

18-Jun-2017        Can Whistleblowers Disclose Secret Recordings to the SEC?

18-Jun-2017       Securities watchdog needs to fine-tune whistleblower policy

18-Jun-2017        Retired Rockland cop files ‘whistle-blower’ lawsuit vs. Police Academy, chiefs via @lohud

18-Jun-2017       Whistleblower slams ‘whitewash’ report clearing GMP of corruption

18-Jun-2017        http://housecarers.top/article/Wrestlemania-33-results/dlNWMjA0RHdWUmM=/red-flag-of-a-narcissist-18-chronic-lying.html?t=UmVkIEZsYWcgb2YgYSBOYXJjaXNzaXN0ICMxODogQ2hyb25pYyBMeWluZw==&pl=Wrestlemania-33-results

18-Jun-2017        Changes at Uber may drive its India plans off the road via @economictimes

18-Jun-2017        Ex-RCMP employee testifies at sex assault trial | TheIFP.ca

18-Jun-2017       Former Employee Lawsuit Says CenturyLink Agents Committed Wells Fargo-Like Fraud, Motivated By Aggressive Sales Goals via @share

18-Jun-2017        Goldberg: The fight continues for LGBT equality via @thenewspress

18-Jun-2017        Congress passes VA whistleblower bill

18-Jun-2017        Washington, the new three-ring circus town: Letter to the Editor

18-Jun-2017        Sessions denies accusations of collusion or misconduct; special counsel to remain via @tweetmeme

18-Jun-2017        WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’

18-Jun-2017        Saraki’s Acquittal: Anti-Corruption group says Attorney-General Must Resign Now

18-Jun-2017        Firefighters union seeks to block release of bullying inquiry via @theage

18-Jun-2017        Review: Meena Kandasamy Shatters the Silence Around Marital Abuse

18-Jun-2017        Whistleblower claims Holyrood U-turn let council use Grenfell-type cladding

15-Jun-2017        Gambia: Whistle-blower arrested amid corruption claims

15-Jun-2017        Coming attraction: “Workplace Bullying and Mobbing in the United States” via @wordpressdotcom


14-Jun-2017        Have you ever been accused of being a workplace bully? Do you think bullying is morally justifiab… by Eddie Monaghan


14-Jun-2017        http://housecarers.top/article/Wrestlemania-33-results/UU1KVUpPNzk0Zjg=/pilots-for-911-truth-mitoa-edjang.html?t=UGlsb3RzIGZvciA5MTEgVHJ1dGg6IE1pdG9hIEVkamFuZw==&pl=Wrestlemania-33-results


14-Jun-2017        Comey’s a Whistleblower, Not a Leaker via @politicomag

14-Jun-2017        #Vault7 | #Wikileaks| WIKILEAKS JULIAN ASSANGE JUST EXPLAINED WHY CLINTON LOST TO TRUMP: Assange Speaks in Interview

12-Jun-2017        20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

12-Jun-2017        Au Revoir Lying Psychopaths

12-Jun-2017        BREAKING: FBI Agent Is Going To Expose The ‘DIRTY’ Truth About Comey

12-Jun-2017        Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Decision Clarifies Broad Scope of Protected Whistleblowing

12-Jun-2017        The Latest: Fellow Republicans press Trump about tapes via @MailOnline

12-Jun-2017        Dianne Feinstein: Congress needs to investigate whether Loretta Lynch covered for Clinton campaign via @dcexaminer

10-Jun-2017        Male targets of workplace bullying via @wordpressdotcom

10-Jun-2017        Canvassers charged in fake, fraudulent voter registrations via @bmtenterprise

10-Jun-2017       Comey describes being ‘queasy’ when attorney general made Clinton request

10-Jun-2017        James Comey is not a leaker. He is a whistleblower. via @slate

10-Jun-2017        Reality Winner is not a whistleblower — or a victim of Trump’s war on leakers

10-Jun-2017        Reality Winner Is a Whistleblower

10-Jun-2017        Malta opts out of EU public prosecutor’s office which looks into EU budget corruption and fraud – The Malta Independent

10-Jun-2017       Ibrahim Magu emerges Commonwealth anti-graft vice-chair – TheNewsGuru – via @Shareaholic

10-Jun-2017        Jury Rejects Whistleblower Claim By Former SpaceX Employee | Proskauer – Whistleblowing & Retaliation – JDSupra

10-Jun-2017        James Comey’s testimony shows Hillary Clinton was right all along via @voxdotcom

10-Jun-2017        DOJ weighs in on Wells Fargo whistleblower case via @nypost

10-Jun-2017        Is Reality Winner a leaker or a whistleblower? via @HuffPostPol

04-Jun-2017        Clinton says she was ‘right’ about ‘vast Russia conspiracy’; investigations ongoing

04-Jun-2017        Protecting whistle-blowers | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal

04-Jun-2017        Fraud Warn: Freedom251 Inexpensive Mobile Fraud. Fraud enterprise Ringing Bell

04-Jun-2017        Judge Orders Claypool, Staff to Testify in CTA Whistleblower Case

04-Jun-2017        Fraud Screening for Small Businesses: Risks & Resources – PaymentsJournal

04-Jun-2017        Toxic Workplaces: How to Resurrect Civility in Business

04-Jun-2017        Brent Holland Show 911 Truth Inside White House Bunker Col.R. Darling Dick Cheney Condi Rice via @good_celebritie

04-Jun-2017        PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder~ What do you know about it? What comes to mind? Click on the link below for some insightful information.

04-Jun-2017        Tesla fires female engineer who alleged sexual harassment

04-Jun-2017        Cheverly leaders silent on police misconduct allegations via @WUSA9

04-Jun-2017        Tesla fires woman for making ‘false’ sexual harassment allegations via @dailydot

27-May-2017      FBI May Have Relied on Fake Report in Clinton Email Case | News 24 hours

27-May-2017      Whose Lie Is It Anyway? Not For Employer To Decide If Whistleblowing Disclosure Is Protected

27-May-2017      Precautions can avert workplace violence via @kitsapsun

27-May-2017      Reading “Need advice re sexist/racist workplace bullying. “ on @MumsnetTowers

27-May-2017      Hillary Clinton gives graduation speech at alma mater Wellesley College, rips Trump administration

27-May-2017     Whistleblowing doctor collects $5.4 million in false claims settlement – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

26-May-2017      The Illawarra bit players linked to Australia’s largest alleged tax fraud via @illawarramerc

26-May-2017      Barry Soper: Whistleblowing falls on deaf ears via @nzherald

26-May-2017      Managing the Risk of Workplace Violence – Conference Chronicles

26-May-2017      Bureaucracy, administrative bloat, and organizational productivity

26-May-2017      OSHA looks to states for workplace violence prevention ideas – www.hcpro.com

26-May-2017      Unprotected Whistleblowing Will Not Undo Removal of Federal Employee : FedSmith.com

26-May-2017      Dubious Russian Intel Doc Spurred Comey To Speak On Clinton Emails Probe via @TPM

26-May-2017      Bullying at the boardroom table can now go to the Fair Work Commission

26-May-2017      Bullied apprentice at Audi Reading hanged himself inquest told

26-May-2017      Federal lawsuit alleges harassment, retaliation by Baltimore transportation employees

26-May-2017      IXL Learning Sued by EEOC for Retaliation | U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – JDSupra

25-May-2017      Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Refuses to Say Whether Russia Holds Damaging Info on Hillary Clinton via @BreitbartNews

25-May-2017      Clinton, Comey and the “dubious” intel received by FBI via @axios

25-May-2017     Hate your job? Your toxic work environment might be to blame. via @payscale

25-May-2017      Union accuses province of using hospital funding to sway voters in Sault byelection

25-May-2017      Workplace Violence – Detect the Warning Signs & Triggering Events

25-May-2017      Whistleblower: Obama knowingly opened door to MS-13 gang via @worldnetdaily

25-May-2017      Auckland District Health Board working to improve culture and eliminate bullying via @nzherald

25-May-2017      Phonebank to make workplace bullying illegal via @MAWorkplaceBill

25-May-2017      Putin says whistleblowing on doping echoes Stalin’s purges via @pentictonherald

25-May-2017      CPS outlines strategy to resolve workplace culture problems – 660 NEWS via @660News

25-May-2017      Be careful after employee wins lawsuit, but don’t be afraid of warranted discipline — Business Management Daily: Free Reports on Human Resources, Employment Law, Office Management, Office Communication, Office Technology and Small Business Tax Business Management Daily

25-May-2017      Pink Shirt Day an opportunity to remember bullying isn’t just a kids’ problem

25-May-2017      New Survey Finds 89 Per Cent of Women Working in Hospitality Are Sexually Harassed on Broadsheet

25-May-2017      Preventing corruption

25-May-2017      CRPUD settles former managers’ lawsuit via @SHChronicle

25-May-2017      Spike Lee: Hillary Clinton Thought She Was ‘Entitled’ to Presidency | World News

25-May-2017      CFTC Authorized to File Whistle-Blower Retaliation Claims via @bloombergbna

24-May-2017      Harnessing experience to address bullying and improve performance | The Mandarin

24-May-2017      1 in 5 job seekers in APAC supply inaccurate information via @Enterprisei

24-May-2017      Fire Chief Lambasts Workplace Culture in Resignation Letter | Vermont News | US News

24-May-2017      Federal Court Provides Guidance on Service Dogs as a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA | Clark Hill PLC – JDSupra

24-May-2017      Tweet http://www.lisaescott.com/lisa-e-scott/five-myths-about-narcissist-work  via @@lisaescott

24-May-2017     This FBI Whistleblower and Former Undercover Agent Talks the Comey Firing, the Russia Investigation, and What We Can Expect From a Trump FBI via @aclu

24-May-2017      Central Bank dealing with 50 whistleblower allegations via @rte

24-May-2017      Kim Dotcom claims HE was part of Wikileaks Clinton storm via @MailOnline

24-May-2017      INTERVIEW: Boosting accountancy profession

24-May-2017      Viewpoint: Setting PTSD record straight

24-May-2017      Congress Must Strengthen Whistleblowers Protections

24-May-2017      Systems enable workplace bullying, so where are the systems to stop it? via @wordpressdotcom

24-May-2017      Scoop Business » Bullying and harassment an issue in a third of NZ workplaces via @scoopnz

21-May-2017      Whistle Blowing Bill Close To Passage, Says Lawmaker

21-May-2017      In Trump-bashing, echoes of the Clintons: Susan Shelley via @ladailynews

21-May-2017      Will Trump’s Justice Department extradite Assange? via @MailOnline

21-May-2017     How to Manage(Up) Your Workplace Culture—and Put a Stop to Bullying

21-May-2017      Auditor, MATA urge Greitens to veto SB 43 over ‘Whistleblower Protection Act’

21-May-2017      Assembly asks OAG to complete corruption restitution

21-May-2017      Knowing Your Rights in a Retaliation Case | The Law Offices of Eric L. Pines, PLLC

20-May-2017      We’re ramping up efforts and getting strategic to end workplace bullying via @MAWorkplaceBill

20-May-2017     Trump and Assange’s friendship may come to a quick halt as US charges loom

20-May-2017      FBI Whistleblower Claims Seth Rich Released DNC Emails To WikiLeaks, Not Russian Hackers via @collectiveevol

20-May-2017      A Narcissist is only as strong as what we believe and EVRYTHING is basically … via @ANAAfterNarcAbuseLight_Life_Love

20-May-2017      Does your boss make you feel valued via @newscomauHQ

19-May-2017      Sen. Dan Schoen Viewpoint: Fighting to make PTSD a workplace illness – Wisconsin News

19-May-2017      Whistleblowers, Moral Injury, and Endless War

19-May-2017      FBI corrects Comey testimony on Clinton aide Huma Abedin via @WPXI

19-May-2017      Dave Conrad: Dealing with a gang of workplace bullies via @PB_News

18-May-2017      This is what it’s like to be gaslighted in a relationship

18-May-2017     How bad advice about workplace bullying keeps getting passed on

18-May-2017      Why a mental health strategy is a good workplace policy /via @globeandmail

18-May-2017      SunLive – Putting an end to bullying – The Bay’s News First

18-May-2017      Working with Leaks and Whistleblowers, Part Two

18-May-2017      Employer Retaliation

18-May-2017      The Hard Truth: Narcissists Will Never Stop Lying to You

18-May-2017     Morgue claims: ‘Our people experience bullying’, Auckland DHB acknowledges via @nzherald

17-May-2017      Hyundai And Kia To Recall 240,000 Cars Over Whistleblower Complaint

17-May-2017      Ryan tweet on classified info resurfaces after bombshell Trump report

17-May-2017      Is doing overtime a cultural norm in Hong Kong offices? | Human Resources Online

17-May-2017     Peter Cullen: Dismissing sick workers is a difficult time

17-May-2017      Whistleblowing Increases with Increasing Visibility via @topix

14-May-2017      Breaking: Clinton Insiders Reveal ‘Blame Russia’ Plan Hatched ‘Within 24 Hours’ of Election Loss via @grtvnews

14-May-2017      Destructive Offices: 8 Crucial signs that your workplace is toxic

13-May-2017      List of RAPE MYTHS

13-May-2017      No one enjoys a power trip: Your mean boss is secretly miserable, too via @smh

13-May-2017      Barclays CEO regrets trying to hunt down whistleblower | Latest News World

13-May-2017      BBC News – Whistleblower sparks Hyundai and Kia recall of 240,000 cars

13-May-2017      Reminder: ‘Hack the election’ is garbage shorthand for Russia’s alleged meddling via @dcexaminer

13-May-2017      Preventing PTSD | St. Thomas Times-Journal

13-May-2017      Ten Things You’ll Hear In A Toxic Workplace via @forbes

13-May-2017      Workplace Harassment w/ Super Lawyer Dolores Y. Leal – May 11, 2017 via @KHTSRADIO

13-May-2017      New California Workplace Harassment Guide Is Useful Tool for Preventing and Addressing Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation | Reed Smith – JDSupra

12-May-2017      What to do if you have a bully at work — and how to take them down via @bi_contributors

12-May-2017      Is there a narcissist in YOUR office? Here’s how to deal with them via @MailOnline

12-May-2017      Kiernan Group Holdings Spotlights Preparedness Without Paranoia™ in April 2017 Active Threat… | Business Wire

12-May-2017      Papantonio: Rampant Corporate Fraud And Whistleblowers – America’s Lawyer via @ringoffireradio

12-May-2017      Deputy AG On Comey: There Is No Way To Defend His Handling Of The Hillary Email Investigation

12-May-2017      Can Using An App Help End Workplace Harassment?

12-May-2017      Number of prison workers suffering from PTSD much higher than official stats, union says

11-May-2017      Do narcissistic bosses get into trouble in the workplace? by Madeleine Gallay

11-May-2017      The dark side of helping coworkers

11-May-2017      Anxiety, Depression, PTSD Impacted By Occupational Stress

11-May-2017      BREAKING:WikiLeaks Just Dropped A Nuke On Hillary! Potential Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking via @garnerbarro

11-May-2017      #Vault7  Clinton blames Comey, WikiLeaks for election loss to Trump

07-May-2017      State Dept. Ordered to Release Clinton Emails on Obama’s Response to Benghazi

07-May-2017      Living in the age of narcissism means no better time to be a liar | Toronto & GT

07-May-2017      Workplace mental health – my experience of PTSD and depression via @evenhood

06-May-2017      THE ‘DARK TRIAD’ OF PERSONALITY TRAITS – Narcissism: Tendencies of attention-seeking, charm, … via @MailOnline

06-May-2017      Whistleblowers should be ‘protected not prosecuted’

06-May-2017      http://www.internationallawoffice.com/Newsletters/White-Collar-Crime/Nigeria/Sofunde-Osakwe-Ogundipe-Belgore/Further-seizures-following-whistleblower-tip-offs

06-May-2017      Court orders release of Benghazi-related emails from Clinton via @dcexaminer

06-May-2017      Fired Fox radio reporter sues, claiming retaliation

06-May-2017      Did you study business or economics? Then you might be a psychopath via @MailOnline

06-May-2017      Dealing with trauma in the workplace | AJP

04-May-2017      James Comey ‘Mildly Nauseous’ Over Idea He Swayed the Election

04-May-2017      Julian Assange’s Lawyer Asks Sweden to Drop Arrest Warrant

04-May-2017      President Trump responds to Clinton’s claim that Comey, WikiLeaks cost her election

04-May-2017      Workplace violence claims two lives at Fla. gym

04-May-2017      Workplace Accommodations for Employees with PTSD Q&A – HealthyPlace

03-May-2017      The devil at the next desk: how workplace bullies leave a trail of destruction via @theage

03-May-2017      Alberta rolls out bill to better protect whistleblowers   via @metrotoronto

03-May-2017      Hillary Clinton: ‘I was on the way to winning’ the election until the FBI and Russia interfered via @YahooFinance

03-May-2017      Bill Maher: Clinton ‘had her turn’

03-May-2017      Dodd’s bill in response to Wells Fargo scandal clears key vote via @alldenews

03-May-2017      Potential paramedics will now  undergo psychological screening via @man_expositor

03-May-2017      How to avoid joining a toxic company via @DestinyConnect

03-May-2017      Toxic Workplace – video

03-May-2017      Hillary Clinton says she would have won the election if it were held Oct. 27

03-May-2017      Trump won the mood

03-May-2017      Report: Troops complained about nude photo sharing last year

03-May-2017      Read Emotional Recovery from Workplace Mobbing: A Guide for Targets and Their Supports PDF Full

03-May-2017      Shaking off kids’ narcissistic nature via @staronline

03-May-2017      Trump blames China for Democratic Party hack

30-Apr-2017       Lost Time Due to Assault, Violence at Work Increased in 2016 via @vocmnews

30-Apr-2017       Brayford Trucking apologizes to family of man killed in northern Alberta workplace accident: ‘We’re so very, very sorry’

29-Apr-2017       Why journalists and whistleblowers need to understand infosecurity via @computerweekly

29-Apr-2017       Whistle blowers can take down crime bosses

27-Apr-2017       Herd Psychology states Panic & Negativity equals buying opportunity via @saul42

27-Apr-2017       SEC Announces First Whistleblower Award During Trump Era | Proskauer – Whistleblowing & Retaliation – JDSupra

27-Apr-2017       Workplace bullying: Blitzkrieg edition

27-Apr-2017       Let’s deal with the bullying case before any talk of sackings

27-Apr-2017       Danni Roche calls for an urgent culture change at the AOC amid allegations of bullying

27-Apr-2017       Alleged harrassment claims lead to  special meeting  for Buhl City Council via @HibbDailyTrib

27-Apr-2017       John Howard Centre whistleblower says he’s been blacklisted after speaking out on NHS ‘bullying culture’

27-Apr-2017       SEC Announces First Whistleblower Award During Trump Era

27-Apr-2017       Whistleblowing Protecting People and Companies  – #Cloudtalks with Addveritas’ Andrew Samuels and Dino Bossi via @comparethecloud

27-Apr-2017       When Do You Stop Protecting a Superstar? via @Entrepreneur by @heatherhuhman

27-Apr-2017       Be prepared to respond to potential violence in your workplace

27-Apr-2017       Fake whistle blowing led to invasion of Senator’s house – Saraki  via @ORDER PAPER

27-Apr-2017       Russia investigation teeters, but Trump´s strategy of stonewalling… via @MailOnline

27-Apr-2017       Hillary’s First 100 Days: An Alternate History  via @politicomag

27-Apr-2017       Is Looking at a Woman’s Cleavage Sexual Harrassment?

27-Apr-2017       Apex Enterprise — Fraud company apex enterprise

27-Apr-2017       SEC Announces First Whistleblower Award During Trump Era

27-Apr-2017       Anti-bullying order used to stop employer from finalising a misconduct investigation and taking disciplinary action | Dentons – JDSupra

27-Apr-2017       Former City of Collinsville manager denies liability in countersuit to Whistleblower complaint

27-Apr-2017       Is Nigeria’s New Whistleblower Policy Paying Off in the Fight Against Corruption?

27-Apr-2017       KAREN JACKSON: Moving towards bully-free workplaces

23-Apr-2017       Essay on workplace bullying http://x42y2wr2q0.effers.com/essay-on-workplace-bullying478-5.php

23-Apr-2017       Cultural Affairs Bureau | Irregular employment contracts scrapped following CCAC report | MACAU DAILY TIMES 澳門每日時報

23-Apr-2017       Former Employees, associates of Fox Toyota charged in fraud scheme

23-Apr-2017       Court upholds ruling on Pan Am’s retaliation against employee who filed complaint

23-Apr-2017       EFCC: Politicians monitor guards, maids, account officers

23-Apr-2017       Fraud defendant seeks millions

23-Apr-2017       Incompetence gave Trump win

23-Apr-2017       Government urged to step in over Australian Olympic Committee ‘death threat’ via @ABCNews

23-Apr-2017       Whistle blowing policy has recovered N17bn- EFCC via @infonaija

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22-Apr-2017       Uber extends investigation into its toxic workplace because there’s so much evidence via @technewstube

22-Apr-2017       Africa’s natural resources: From Curse to a Blessing

22-Apr-2017       After Helping Trump, Putin Against Clinton, Trump Stabs Julian Assange In The Back, To Seek Arrest Of WikiLeaks Founder via @Dailyobugle.com

22-Apr-2017       Obama had serious issues with Hillary Clinton’s management of private email server as Secretar… via @wordpressdotcom

22-Apr-2017       The Latest: Russian hacker gets 27 years, calls it political via @bmtenterprise

22-Apr-2017       OSC Intervenes on Behalf of Whistleblowing Manager

22-Apr-2017       Workplace sexual harassment at a “tipping point of public attention”

21-Apr-2017       No Action Role Played By The Regulatory Body Of Wells Fargo Bank After Many Whistle Blows. via @The First Newshawk

21-Apr-2017       Corruption: A Lagos house is worth more than Obama’s earnings in 15 years – TheCable

21-Apr-2017       Employee bullying claims can bury your business

21-Apr-2017       Workplace Problems, Solutions, Raves & Rants — Need a Career Change?: How I survived workplace bullying | Sherry Benson-…

21-Apr-2017       Whistle Blown: Mazzoni employees stage walkout calling for resignation of CEO via @PhillyWeekly

21-Apr-2017       Pompeo finally labels Assange, Wikileaks hostile intel actors

21-Apr-2017       WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may face criminal charges from U.S.: reports

21-Apr-2017       Ololade Ajekigbe: How to be a successful whistleblower – YNaija

21-Apr-2017       Workplace Bullying: An Act of War Threatening the Health and Safety of Your Employees – via @Safeopedia

21-Apr-2017       Why Hillary Clinton Really Lost

21-Apr-2017       Easy Solutions Launches Artificial Intelligence Anti-Fraud Service | news.sys-con.com

21-Apr-2017       ‘It was pervasive’: CNN anchor discusses personal experience of harassment at Fox News via @bi_politics

21-Apr-2017       How to Detect Accounts Payable Fraud

21-Apr-2017       3 stories of lives shattered by a toxic culture (and vice versa) #AHRIHRM

21-Apr-2017       Special Counsel Goes to Bat for Two Defense Whistleblowers via @govexec

20-Apr-2017       Obama Called Out Hillary Clinton For Mishandling Email Scandal, New Book Says

20-Apr-2017       Police adopt PTSD plan | Sudbury Star

20-Apr-2017       How HR should respond to a workplace tragedy

20-Apr-2017       Job-Hunting? Watch For These Ten Signs Of A Toxic Culture via @forbes

20-Apr-2017       Are You a Woman Bullied at Work? Your Bully is Probably a Woman Too.

20-Apr-2017       Neutralise a workplace bully – ask them to slowdown and explain

20-Apr-2017       Nevada woman accused of faking son’s death to raise money via @bmtenterprise

20-Apr-2017       A whistle blowing note to myself by Odolaye Aremu –

20-Apr-2017       Personal information must be protected – via @winnipegnews

20-Apr-2017       RCC survey: Only slightly more than half of people surveyed region-wide said whitleblowers should be supported

20-Apr-2017       Julian Assange blasts CIA director’s attack on @Wikileaks and talks Trump, Russia and Clinton by @jeremyscahill

20-Apr-2017       Contract with the Community: End culture of corruption

20-Apr-2017       Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News career comes to a swift end amid growing sexual harassment claims

19-Apr-2017       Cow Palace settles with former employees over disability discrimination

18-Apr-2017       Speak Up For Science: Support Whistleblowers and the March for Science

18-Apr-2017       TRUMP AGENDA – Toxic Workplaces

18-Apr-2017       Employment Law Navigator – Week in Review: April 2017 #3 | Zelle LLP – JDSupra

14-Apr-2017       Workplace bullying: Acknowledging grief

14-Apr-2017       Lesbian former athletic director sues university for workplace discrimination

14-Apr-2017       Interior Secretary: No harassment allowed at National Parks

14-Apr-2017       Lawyer: Hoke commissioners not being investigated in payroll fraud case

14-Apr-2017       Battle intensifies between Trump’s CIA, WikiLeaks

14-Apr-2017       FBI Director James Comey on the new reality TV show following agents via @MailOnline

14-Apr-2017       $BARC British watchdog checks banks’ whistleblowing policies amid Barclays probe

14-Apr-2017       California man scammed Enterprise with fake website, feds say via @stltoday

14-Apr-2017       A National Standard to Prevent Health Care Workplace Violence?

14-Apr-2017       Why Protect An Internal Whistleblower

14-Apr-2017       Top 10 tips to tackle bullying in the workplace.

14-Apr-2017       The Foolproof Way To Tell If A Narcissist Is Lying – Mystical Raven

14-Apr-2017       CIA chief blasts WikiLeaks, once praised by Trump via @usatoday

14-Apr-2017       Children Who Witnessed Domestic Abuse Are At Risk Of Developing Psychopathic Traits

14-Apr-2017       Corporate bullies threaten freedom

14-Apr-2017       The Angle of the North: Shallow water #oil hidden in plain sight #offshore Gabon…@GeoExPro article available here

14-Apr-2017       Offshore tank barge fleet operator accused of racial discrimination

14-Apr-2017       NAFTA Renegotiation: The Basics

14-Apr-2017       Germany Strikes Offshore Wind Deals, Subsidy Not Included

14-Apr-2017       Webinar:Minimizing The Risk of Retaliation In Your Workplace Best Practices for Managing Employees Who Have Sued You

14-Apr-2017       Read Attorney Lisa Bloom’s Letter About Fox News’ Toxic Culture And Why It Should Tank Murdoch’s Sky News Deal

14-Apr-2017       Witnessing Abuse In Childhood Linked To Psychopathic Traits, Such As Grandiosity, Lying

14-Apr-2017       Whistleblower, after retaliation by JPMorgan, pays FINRA price, too

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07-Apr-2017       Workplace Bullying

07-Apr-2017       Reading “Bullying: What’s the Role of Leadership?” on HR Daily Community:

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07-Apr-2017       Wells Fargo’s whistleblower problem worsens via @CNNMoney

07-Apr-2017       Whistleblower trial delves in photos found on Furst’s computer

07-Apr-2017       Uniting Against Bill O’Reilly, Women Share Stories of Workplace Harassment

07-Apr-2017       Trump Repeals Workplace Protections Set Under Obama via @buzzflash

07-Apr-2017       WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’

07-Apr-2017      Abusive Conduct and Bullying in the Workplace

07-Apr-2017       In these distressing times, a welcome affirmation from the LGBTQ community

07-Apr-2017       Cash for crash scandal: gang claimed £700,000 for 41 collisions, most in Derbyshire | Derby Telegraph

07-Apr-2017       Former Florida congresswoman’s fraud trial scheduled via @bmtenterprise

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07-Apr-2017       ‘There’s no place for religion at work, apparently’

07-Apr-2017       MA State House hearing for Healthy Workplace Bill

07-Apr-2017       Editorial:  Bully bosses beware Editorial:  Bully bosses beware

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06-Apr-2017       Bullying claim against Victim Support boss via @indaily

06-Apr-2017       Bullying in the workplace via @ucsc

06-Apr-2017       Whistleblowing Doctor Sues New Mexico Prisons

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06-Apr-2017       CGG: Sercel Launches Sentinel HR High-Resolution Seismic Streamer  Read more:

06-Apr-2017       Polarcus vessel utilization for Q1 2017:

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05-Apr-2017       Is it possible to change toxic workplace culture?

05-Apr-2017       Wells Fargo has to pay a whistleBlower $5.4 million and give him his job back

05-Apr-2017       NHS England whistleblowing

05-Apr-2017       Jose Mourinho should be fired for workplace bullying

05-Apr-2017       WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’ – via @Shareaholic

05-Apr-2017       OSHA Orders Wells Fargo To Reinstate Whistleblower, Fully Restore Lost Earnings In Banking Industry

05-Apr-2017       State nurses union pushes bill for workplace violence protections via @BosBizJournal

05-Apr-2017       Employee theft causes 30% of business failures

05-Apr-2017       Bullying rampant in Queensland prisons

05-Apr-2017       Is it possible to change toxic workplace culture?

05-Apr-2017       The adverse action standard for retaliation is low (but not this low)

05-Apr-2017       Banks’ whistleblower deadline

05-Apr-2017       Prison Rape–Power, Identity and Masculinity

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04-Apr-2017       That time I dated a psychopath – All Woman – JamaicaObserver.com via @jamaicaobserver

04-Apr-2017       Wikileaks – Seth Rich Killed by Hillary Clinton for Leaked DNC EMAILS [BREAKING]

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04-Apr-2017       Trump is trying to make the Russia story about the ‘leakers.’ This Fox News clip explains why he’ll fail. via @TheWeek

04-Apr-2017       Former Fox News Contributor Calls For Investigation Into Alleged Sexual Harassment By Bill O’Reilly

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02-Apr-2017       ‘I became convinced I was going mad’ – your experiences of workplace bullying

02-Apr-2017       Workplace bullying and stress led to death of employee: compensation board

02-Apr-2017       Trump-Russia Ties: How Did Vladimir Putin Rig U.S. 2016 Election Results? [Opinion]

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01-Apr-2017       John Podesta Requests Immunity For Testimony Against Hillary Clinton– Via – @NeonNettle

01-Apr-2017       Whistle-blowing NPO wins court fight via @IOL

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01-Apr-2017       Security firm finds ‘evidence’ of  Russian led Clinton hacks and ‘fake news’

01-Apr-2017       Hillary Clinton email scandal</b>: New emails concern change of government in Kyrgyzstan in April 2010

01-Apr-2017       YouWin: Nigerian govt halts disbursements over alleged fraud – Premium Times Nigeria

01-Apr-2017       Prof. Cohen: Not One Piece of Factual Evidence That Russia ‘Hacked the Election’ via @pjmedia_com